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Twitter Spam Relief?

Oh please, please let this be true.

There are very few rules on microblogging platform Twitter. But if you use it for unsolicited “tweets” about male enhancement products, watch out: Twitter has started to shut down accounts that it has flagged as “spam,” reported blogger Jesse Stay.

Twitter Spam "Filter"

Looks like Carlo Zottman is feeling my pain. The difference, though, makes all the difference. See, Carlos actually did something about it. Check out his aptly named tool, Twitter Twerp Scan.

Help, Twitter Style

Last night I had my first truly useful experience with Twitter. Until then, Twitter had really just been my little digital diary, I suppose. I’ve had some productive (read: enlightening) trade-offs with smart people that I follow like Peter Bell, Sammy Larbi and Bill Mill, but mostly it’s just me talking to myself.

Last night, though, I was doing my usual digital musing and got a surprise. I was grumbling about some trouble I was having getting the git version control system installed on my Mac via MacPorts. I was slowly working through it, but I couldn’t help bitching about it just a little. What shocked me was that several people, including a couple that don’t know me or follow me, stepped up to help or at least offer encouragement. I thought that was pretty cool.

I don’t know how they found my tweets, but I appreciate them jumping in to help.

Twitter Spam

Are you kidding me? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by the appearance of spammers wherever so much as a modicum of community crops up, but nonetheless…I am. I know I shouldn’t waste my time being annoyed, disgusted and even a little offended, but nonetheless…I am.

This morning I woke up to six, yes six, notifications that I was being followed by spammers (and that was just this morning) on Twitter. Televisions, dog training, flowers and even stars. A freaking star?! Seriously? These guys can ruin anything for everyone. So off goes the notification of followers. That sucks.

On the other hand, the ED brokers haven’t tracked me down yet. Is it worth recognizing the silver lining or is it just a matter of time?

Twitter Thoughts

So after a few weeks of, um, tweeting, I’ve decided that I kind of enjoy it although I’m not sure I can fully articulate why. I entered the fray as a skeptic to say the very least, but I have to admit that it’s grown on me.

If I had to describe the service concisely, I’d say that it’s IRC without the noise and instant messaging without the immediacy. The first is a good thing, the latter is probably a push. I also like that I can vent, think and write without feeling like I should be expecting a response or like I owe someone else a response when they do the same. There’s no, how do I phrase this, pressure of actual dialog. That sounds sad and antisocial, but sometimes it’s kind of convenient. As @sunrisedesign so congenially pointed out the other day, I often use Twitter as a vehicle for self-communication.

Short story: I didn’t think I’d have much use for it when I started and that’s probably true – I don’t have much use for it. Nonetheless, I’m having fun with it. What’s life without a little inexplicable whimsy?

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