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Mac Owners, Freak Out Someone You Love

My girlfriend works from home on Fridays. I do not. I do, however, leave my Mac powered on and active during the day so that I can SSH in and access files from the office if I need to do so. Last week, knowing that she would be sitting near said computer, I decided to mess with her just a little bit. To do so, I SSH’d into the Mac and used the say command:

$ say "Hello Tricia, this is God. Have you been touching yourself again?"

I personalized the line from Real Genius, but you get the idea. A very nice, disembodied voice that goes by the name of Alex spoke the words aloud as if there was someone in the room with her. She said she jumped about a six feet and had to crawl back into her own skin. She also said that she found Alex’s voice disturbingly sexy. Disturbing to whom?

Tie Goes to the Hockey Mom

The content may be debatable (so to speak), but what a great intro to the article.

Who won last night’s vice presidential debate? The answer depends on which ticket you support. If you like Obama-Biden, then Joe Biden won.

If you prefer McCain-Palin, Sarah Palin did. That’s how you can tell a tie. That’s what this was. And since Biden was supposed to destroy Palin, and didn’t even come close, this was a good night for the Republican.

Hold a Meeting

Can anyone else relate to this?

A practical alternative to work

Classmates Personalization

There are a lot of things I don’t like about Classmates. For example, I don’t like the obscene quantity of (unnecessary) email that I get from them and I don’t like that they make me seem rude by not allowing me access to my guestbook unless I pay for the service. That said, I signed up a while back out of sheer curiosity and filled out my profile. Today I clicked a link in their latest mailing and saw this on my profile homepage:

Hmmm. Nope. I’m almost certainly not.

Seems their personalization “feature” is somewhat flawed.

It's Just a Bunch of Stuff That Happens

Do believe I’ve found a second web comic to fill the void on xkcd’s off days:

Yep, been there.

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