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FreeMyFeed Unleashed

Looks like my co-worker’s secure feed proxy service – the one that I mentioned a few days ago – is starting to get noticed in places with a much wider readership that I can offer. That’s a good thing (the fact that it’s getting noticed, I mean, not the fact that my readership is anemic); it’s a pretty kick ass service worthy of notice.

I’m quoted in both posts. Does that mean that I’m right on the cusp of achieving vicarious celebrity? Yeah, didn’t think so…

Free My Feed

As an avid Trac user and semi-evangelist, I love the fact that it’s possible to subscribe to RSS feeds of the project timeline, ticket changes, repository commits and the like. Unfortunately, every Trac environment I’ve ever been involved with has required authentication. That makes sense since (sorry about the sense-since thing, btw) the projects usually contain fairly sensitive data – at least to the company owning the intellectual property that’s documented. Since Google Reader is my preferred feed reader, I’m shut out of these feeds unless I want to invest the time to learn another one (I don’t). Web based services like Google can’t access secure feeds.

Until now.

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