robwilkerson.org is a semi-creative outlet, scratchpad and rant repository for me. I’m Rob Wilkerson, but that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. I’m a developer who hasn’t always been a developer. In my time, I’ve been an architect, a carpenter, a paratrooper and have held a number of other, less career-oriented, jobs just to get by; none of those included butcher, baker or candlestick maker, but the dream isn’t dead.

I’ve been dabbling in software since the early 1980’s when I got my first Commodore VIC-20 before taking a leave to pursue other interests that I didn’t have the talent to parlay into a long-term career. Around 1997, I came back to software and these days I work for a large company that is a wholly owned subsidiary of a larger company that is, in turn, a division of a Jurassic-sized mega-corporation. I won’t tell you who because, well, that could imply endorsement and I can assure you that the views expressed in this space almost certainly do not reflect those of my employer. Best then, that I keep them out of it.

On a more personal note, I have a dog. I also have a cat. And another cat (RIP, Grendel). They even like each other. Heavens. Perhaps counter-intuitively, considering my chosen profession, I have a girlfriend fiancĂ©e wife. Really. I do not, however, have a kid. Paternal instincts run shallow for me, but I’m more than happy to be an awesome uncle to my niece and nephew.

Everything else you need to know you can find somewhere around this site or in my InstantSpot archive. By “archive”, I mean all of the content that I created somewhere else (just to see whether I’d enjoy this new-fangled “blogging” thing), but don’t feel inspired enough to migrate over to this site.

To date, I have an accidental audience at best, but I’m confident that my big break will come any day. Then I’ll be a superstar. In the meantime, I’m comfortable using this forum to supplement my memory and ponder the vagaries of life.