In addition to the posts below, older content that I was too lazy to migrate is available in my InstantSpot archive. I don't have any plans, immediate or long-term, to perform that migration, but Aaron and Dave have been good enough to allow me to park it there even though I'm no longer a paying customer. Thanks, guys.

The content in those archives, is similar to what you'll find here, but you can see that for yourself; my "Spot" offers a list of every post (title and, where available, description). That page is a pretty good way to take in the entire library of posts at a glance.

June 2010

  1. Add to Google Reader Extension for Safari 5
  2. Install memcached on OSX via MacPorts

March 2010

  1. Share an Apache Config With Dropbox
  2. Git Tip: Ignore Changes to Tracked Files

September 2009

  1. Enhancing SuperDuper Backups

August 2009

  1. Learning Ruby on Rails: File Upload

July 2009

  1. Learning CakePHP: Validation
  2. Labels. They're Not Just for Forms Anymore.
  3. Disable the System Bell in iTerm
  4. MacPorts, MySQL 5 and the Launch Daemons

March 2009

  1. Friendly Project Names in Komodo Edit

February 2009

  1. Clear All Growl Notifications
  2. Session Interaction with Quicksilver
  3. Sony Releases New Stupid Piece of Shit That Doesn’t Fucking Work
  4. When SSH Public Key Authentication Fails
  5. Broken gets fixed. Shoddy lasts forever.

January 2009

  1. Mac Owners, Freak Out Someone You Love
  2. Learning CakePHP: Foreign Key Constraint Violation
  3. Tab Completion for CDPATH on Mac
  4. SSH Host Key Checking
  5. Defensio False Positives
  6. CakePHP: Recursive Finds

December 2008

  1. CakePHP: Watch Out for the compact() Function
  2. CakePHP: Adding Dynamic Content to Layouts
  3. Give Firefox Fangs
  4. Make Linux Just a Little Sexier
  5. Fix Title Bar Issues in Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex)

November 2008

  1. Dropbox is Smart
  2. Intrepid Ibex VPN Connection Fails
  3. Remove Conflicted Files from Dropbox
  4. Set or Change the Greasemonkey Script Editor
  5. Strip ^M Characters from Files
  6. Dropbox, Firefox, Synchronization and Gnome Do
  7. Snow Leopard vs. Windows
  8. Techniques for Clean Markup
  9. PHP and the Negative Lookahead
  10. Redux: Synchronizing Firefox Through Dropbox
  11. Extended Tech Tips for the Basic Computer User
  12. Mormons: Stop Baptisms of Dead Jews
  13. Windows Date and Time
  14. Musical Renaissance: R.E.M.
  15. Nick Saban, LSU and Myopic Fans
  16. An Employee's Ideal Employer
  17. A Wider Truth
  18. Purchase TV Shows from iTunes in Standard Definition

October 2008

  1. Ars Technica's Look at the Windows 7 UI
  2. Snow Leopard vs. Windows 7
  3. Driving in Bangalore
  4. The Fundamental Problem with Digg
  5. Macworld's First Look at the New Macbooks
  6. 1 in 4 Mammals at Risk of Extinction
  7. Rethinking the Taskbar
  8. Firefox Profile Sharing with Dropbox
  9. Tie Goes to the Hockey Mom
  10. Install "Non-Stable" PEAR Packages
  11. Random Access Command Line History
  12. Stop Frequent Eclipse Crashes

September 2008

  1. Utility Gem: Microsoft Time Zone
  2. Reinstalling Windows
  3. Feed Problems
  4. Synchronizing Firefox Through Dropbox
  5. Web Standards Losing Their Appeal
  6. Ant Build Templates: The Script
  7. Mozilla Weave is Very, Very Beta
  8. Change Key Bindings in Pidgin
  9. Evaluating Internet Explorer 8
  10. Sync MySQL Databases
  11. Ant Build Templates: External Tasks
  12. Thinking in Subversion
  13. Never Mind
  14. Ant Build Templates: Why Two Files?
  15. Any Designers in the Audience?
  16. Ant Build Templates: Process
  17. Ignore Git's Suspicious Patch Lines
  18. Where Were You?
  19. Ant Build Templates: The Environment
  20. Ant Build Templates: Prelude
  21. CakePHP Workshop Review
  22. Remove Console Output Limits in Eclipse
  23. The Mixed Blessing of Google Chrome

August 2008

  1. Installing a Linux ERD
  2. Why I Switched to Mac (and Not Linux)
  3. A Quick & Dirty Theme Update
  4. MacBook Pro Touchpad Tricks
  5. Run Eclipse-Installed Ant from the Command Line
  6. Linux: Make Your Scroll Wheel Double Click
  7. URI Problem in Last Post
  8. Migrating from tcsh to bash
  9. What's the Point of the E-ZPass Lane?
  10. Why Linux Might Be Worth Another Look
  11. Hold a Meeting
  12. Blackberry Curve Impressions
  13. A Very Short Rant
  14. OS X Wireless Network Auto-Detection

July 2008

  1. Firefox 3 Bookmarks in Launchy
  2. Quicksilver is Making My CPU Its Bitch
  3. Source Control Strategies for Frameworks
  4. The Favre Thing
  5. Chyrp Upgrade
  6. The UX of Form Buttons
  7. Going to Portland
  8. Don't Hide or Disable Menu Items

June 2008

  1. (Dis)Organizing Bookmarks
  2. Utility Gem: iStat Menus
  3. Social Networking Overload
  4. API Authentication Model

May 2008

  1. Spaces Becomes Usable
  2. Help: Keyboard Unresponsive in VMWare Fusion
  3. PHP Sucks, But It Doesn't Matter
  4. Classmates Personalization
  5. Powered By Pulse
  6. Welcome to Bangalore, India
  7. Quitting Caffeine the Mac Way
  8. Transparency Engenders Loyalty
  9. Renew a Mac's DHCP Lease Via Terminal
  10. Twitter Spam Relief?
  11. UI: Use It or Lose It
  12. Dropbox

April 2008

  1. Wesabe Is In San Francisco
  2. Twitter Spam "Filter"
  3. FreeMyFeed Unleashed
  4. My First Travel Visa
  5. Help, Twitter Style
  6. Installing MacPorts with tcsh
  7. Eclipse Perspectives
  8. MacBook Pro: Decision Made
  9. Twitter Spam
  10. It's Just a Bunch of Stuff That Happens
  11. MacBook Pro Decisions
  12. Free My Feed
  13. How I Use Subversion
  14. Flush DNS in Leopard
  15. Twitter Thoughts
  16. Changing the Title of a Fluid Application
  17. Subversion or Git
  18. Firefox 3 beta 4 Observations
  19. Database Ambivalence

March 2008

  1. Development Tip: Avoid Ambiguity
  2. The Safari Installer, Nay Updater
  3. Locking Your Mac
  4. Style Sheet Organization
  5. Could Not Agree More
  6. Dynamic DNS Updates
  7. Office Bulletin Board Material
  8. Configuring OpenDNS for a Complex Network
  9. Firefox Memory Usage Improvements?
  10. Digging Dopplr
  11. The Lingering Effect of Daylight Savings Time
  12. Musical Renaissance: Death Edition
  13. IE8 Beta Release. Ho Hum.
  14. Why Web Standards?
  15. The IE Team Changes Its Mind (For the Better)
  16. Move the Home Button in Firefox3b3

February 2008

  1. DC Design Talks Post-Mortem
  2. The Days Ahead
  3. More Skinning
  4. Tip: Commenting and Uncommenting
  5. Trying SmartSVN Again
  6. First Chyrping, Now Twittering
  7. Musical Renaissance: Heart
  8. Chyrp Theme Updates
  9. Rockin' the Keyboard: Cycle Through Application Windows in a Space
  10. SugarSync Invites, Anyone?
  11. Making Spaces Suck (Just a Little) Less
  12. xkcd Intrusion
  13. Deleting .svn Folders
  14. Class Inheritance
  15. Serious About Hygiene
  16. Code Pain Points
  17. Code Monkey
  18. OS X Subversion Client
  19. Now Chyrping