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Spaces Becomes Usable

I’ve had two big problems with Spaces up to and including 10.5.2:

  1. When Command-Tab’ing to an application, Spaces would shift me to a different Space that already included a window of that application rather than allow me to open a new window in my current space. More »
  2. When I had multiple windows of an application open in multiple desktops, Command-Tab’ing didn’t, by default, place the focus on the window of that app that was open in the same desktop I was already in. It didn’t do anything, really. It’s like that action confused the OS. More »

After a while, I was able to track down a fix – and by fix, I really mean glorified hack – for the first problem (which seems to have a real fix in 10.5.3 via a System Preference, by the way) and 10.5.3 seems to have addressed the second quite nicely.


Help: Keyboard Unresponsive in VMWare Fusion

Normally I try to post solutions here, but today I have a question and I’m hoping that someone else can provide a solution. For months now, I’ve had this rather intermittent problem with VMWare Fusion on my Mac. Maybe someone else has seen it too.

It seems that every once in a great while I do something (or my system does something) that locks up the keyboard in my WinXP virtual machine. I can type to my heart’s content and all I get for my trouble is an annoying series of clicks from the virtual machine telling me that it has no clue what I’m doing. I’ve tried restarting the virtual machine, logging off, suspending the machine, mucking about with the preferences and just about everything else with no luck.

About the only thing that has worked is to reboot the Mac itself. That, however, seems awfully ham-fisted and I find it particularly annoying that I’m rebooting my Mac just to satisfy some sort of whimsical dalliance of Windows. I’ve Googled my arse off, but haven’t found any solution (and only one relevant result) that works for me.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Update 5/28/2008: A colleague just pointed me to these links that, for me, indicated that it was the client causing my problem. He also pointed me to this message in the forums indicating that they know about it.

PHP Sucks, But It Doesn't Matter

Well said and well evidenced:

PHP isn’t so much a language as a random collection of arbitrary stuff, a virtual explosion at the keyword and function factory.

I develop a lot of stuff with PHP these days, but I tend to agree that the language design is a massive suckfest. It’s the inconsistencies that drive me mad some days.

Classmates Personalization

There are a lot of things I don’t like about Classmates. For example, I don’t like the obscene quantity of (unnecessary) email that I get from them and I don’t like that they make me seem rude by not allowing me access to my guestbook unless I pay for the service. That said, I signed up a while back out of sheer curiosity and filled out my profile. Today I clicked a link in their latest mailing and saw this on my profile homepage:

Hmmm. Nope. I’m almost certainly not.

Seems their personalization “feature” is somewhat flawed.

Powered By Pulse

Or not.

On the long flight back from Bangalore, I settled in to do some work. The work was local and I use Eclipse as my IDE so I was ready to rock.

Or not.

For a while now, I’ve been trying Pulse to manage my Eclipse installs across multiple computers. I’ve had significant, but not critical, issues in other areas that I won’t go into here, but because I’ve got a few active projects on my plate, I didn’t want to take the time to rebuild my entire Eclipse installation. On the flight, though, the camel’s back was broken.

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