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Wesabe Is In San Francisco

For some reason that I can’t even begin to guess, I always thought that Wesabe was headquartered in Seattle. “Assumed” is probably a more accurate description of what I was doing. Anyway, they’re not. They’re in San Francisco. And last week, so was I.

I’ve been a Wesabe user, fan, community participant and cornerstore evangelist for a little over a year now and, while in town for the Web 2.0 Expo conference, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to have a beer (or two) with Marc Hedlund, Wesabe’s co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Gabe Griego, the VP of Marketing, and Brad Greenlee, one of the principal engineers of the Wesabe ecosystem. I’ve spent so much time conversing with Marc in the groups and in email that actually sitting down with him, in particular, felt a little like meeting an old friend for the first time.

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Twitter Spam "Filter"

Looks like Carlo Zottman is feeling my pain. The difference, though, makes all the difference. See, Carlos actually did something about it. Check out his aptly named tool, Twitter Twerp Scan.

FreeMyFeed Unleashed

Looks like my co-worker’s secure feed proxy service – the one that I mentioned a few days ago – is starting to get noticed in places with a much wider readership that I can offer. That’s a good thing (the fact that it’s getting noticed, I mean, not the fact that my readership is anemic); it’s a pretty kick ass service worthy of notice.

I’m quoted in both posts. Does that mean that I’m right on the cusp of achieving vicarious celebrity? Yeah, didn’t think so…

My First Travel Visa

I’m officially part of the international jet set. Well, that may be overstating it just a bit, but my trip to India is locked and cocked as far as the State Department is concerned. Until I started scheduling this trip, I didn’t realize how late I was to join the fraternity of international travelers (I’m not counting trips to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean or Los Angeles). For whatever reason, the opportunity just never presented itself before.

The thought of spending 18 hours on a plane is a little daunting, but I’m looking forward to it nonetheless.

Help, Twitter Style

Last night I had my first truly useful experience with Twitter. Until then, Twitter had really just been my little digital diary, I suppose. I’ve had some productive (read: enlightening) trade-offs with smart people that I follow like Peter Bell, Sammy Larbi and Bill Mill, but mostly it’s just me talking to myself.

Last night, though, I was doing my usual digital musing and got a surprise. I was grumbling about some trouble I was having getting the git version control system installed on my Mac via MacPorts. I was slowly working through it, but I couldn’t help bitching about it just a little. What shocked me was that several people, including a couple that don’t know me or follow me, stepped up to help or at least offer encouragement. I thought that was pretty cool.

I don’t know how they found my tweets, but I appreciate them jumping in to help.

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