Labels. They're Not Just for Forms Anymore.

Think semantically, not dogmatically. Labels can be used to describe data as well as form fields. I can’t tell you how often I’ve seen something like this:

<div id="image-info">
   <span class="label">Name:</span><span>myimage.jpg</span>
   <span class="label">Size:</span><span>5KB</span>
   <span class="label">MIME Type:</span><span>image/jpg</span>

The obvious red flag here is that the name of the class is also the name of a tag, but a lot of examples aren’t quite so obvious. Nonetheless, when labeling data, use the label tag to do it. I’ve never seen any indication that it’s incorrect in any way.

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  1. Nick said...

    I’d use a definition list for that.