Mac Owners, Freak Out Someone You Love

My girlfriend works from home on Fridays. I do not. I do, however, leave my Mac powered on and active during the day so that I can SSH in and access files from the office if I need to do so. Last week, knowing that she would be sitting near said computer, I decided to mess with her just a little bit. To do so, I SSH’d into the Mac and used the say command:

$ say "Hello Tricia, this is God. Have you been touching yourself again?"

I personalized the line from Real Genius, but you get the idea. A very nice, disembodied voice that goes by the name of Alex spoke the words aloud as if there was someone in the room with her. She said she jumped about a six feet and had to crawl back into her own skin. She also said that she found Alex’s voice disturbingly sexy. Disturbing to whom?

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  1. Chad Kieffer said...

    LOL! This was the first post I rea in my reader this morning. Great way to start off the day.