Give Firefox Fangs

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Fangs is a Firefox extension that presents a web page in a manner similar to how it would be read by a screen reader. I’m not an accessibility guru, nor am I and accessibility geek. I try to hit the high points of accessibility like employing skip navigation, alt tags, meaningful link text, etc. when I build sites, but at the same time I have to confess that I’ve never dug much deeper than that. As far as I can tell, Fangs doesn’t offer much in the way of education, but what I really like is that it provides another way of visualizing the structure of my content. Moreover, it’s a practical visualization since it emulates the way a screen reader will read that content rather than some kind of basic block diagram.

Although, my impression so far is that Fangs doesn’t offer much in the way of accessibility information or evaluation, there are some hints about how to effectively use Fang on the FAQ. Even with limited use so far, I’ve seen enough to know that there’s a place in my development toolbox for this extension.

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