Make Linux Just a Little Sexier

Granted, I’m a Mac user, at least at home, but I like to think I’m not a total fanboy. When I moved to Linux at work and began customizing my machine, I saw countless recipes with instructions for skinning Linux to look like a Mac (or maybe there’s just one and everyone in the free world is linking to it). I don’t get that. Linux isn’t a Mac. A penguin in a tux is still a penguin, right? The fact is, I like my operating systems to look like what they are and, besides, I’ve never had much luck with Linux themes. There’s always something that gets left out and kind of ruins the whole effect.

The honest truth is, I kind of like the Linux aesthetic. Most of it, anyway. I’m not, however, a fan of the default fonts and I thought that installing Mac fonts might be just the thing to dress up the penguin without overdoing it. Turns out that they are.

Try it. Here are my settings:

My Ubuntu font settings

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