Dropbox, Firefox, Synchronization and Gnome Do

I’ve written about Dropbox, I’ve written about Firefox, I’ve written about synchronizing Firefox through Dropbox. In fact, I’ve written about using Dropbox to sync Firefox twice. I’ve also written about using Gnome Do to launch bookmarks (albeit as an update to a post about using Launchy to do so).

Shortly fter applying a more targeted technique for synchronizing Firefox through Dropbox, I realized that Gnome Do had stopped indexing bookmarks on my Linux machine. After looking around and asking a few questions, I realized that Do had been updated so that it no longer indexed bookmarks.html, but rather included a JSON parser that parsed the Firefox backup files that are created automatically. That required one additional change:

$ cd ~/Dropbox/Application Support/firefox/profile-share
$ cp -r ~/Dropbox/Application Support/firefox/profiles/wg3x0vhj.dropbox/bookmarkbackups/ .
$ cd ~/.mozilla/firefox/erbbyfam.default
$ mv bookmarkbackups bookmarkbackups.orig
$ ln -s ~/Dropbox/Application Support/firefox/profile-share/bookmarkbackups bookmarkbackups

After restarting Do, I was able to launch my Firefox bookmarks without a single click.

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