Snow Leopard vs. Windows 7

One thing I’ve never gotten used to, or learned to like, with Mac is its inconsistent and inexplicable approach to window sizing.

Microsoft took the time to explain some new features of Windows 7 to us. There have been a couple of user interface enhancements. You can now resize Windows by dragging them to edges of the screen. Top to maximize, bottom to minimize and dragging to the left or right automatically resizes to half the display. If you’re comparing documents side by side you can just move the documents to the left- and right-hand sides to automatically fit both on the screen.

I really like the the approach Microsoft is trying to take and, from the description, the gesture seems perfectly intuitive. The optimist in me feels sure that Apple can see the benefit of consistent, intuitive and just plain sane window sizing. Can’t they?

Gizmodo has its own review of the Windows 7 UI improvements including a video showing the new window resizing feature in action.

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