The Fundamental Problem with Digg

Jeff Atwood said it better than I ever have:

I mean, seriously, when has a digg page EVER contained anything useful on it other than the article link? There’s the prob with Digg.

This is why I’ve never stayed with “aggregation” services like Digg, Reddit, etc. There’s far too much noise and it completely overwhelms whatever really useful signal may be present. I also hate that the service’s feed link is the link to the service page itself – which offers no value to me often at the expense of a long load time – and then makes me click it’s link to get to the useful content.

Too much noise, too much effort. It’s just not worth it.

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  1. John Cummings said...

    +1 from me as well. The only thing I do at Digg is click through. That’s why I prefer the popular posts from Delicious – you hit on the same core content in a given week – but at least with Delicious they offer a feed with direct to article linking.