Macworld's First Look at the New Macbooks

The Energy Saver icon used to be an incandescent light bulb; Apple has replaced it with a compact fluorescent as a part of its quest to reduce the energy consumption of its icons.

I’m a little underwhelmed, myself. There are some things that I like and some things that I don’t. The things that I like aren’t compelling enough to make me run out and buy one and the things that I don’t offer compelling reasons not to do so.

I like the multi-touch trackpad, the stylings and the magnetic “latch”, but I’m not a fan of the glossy screen that’s now the only option or the fact that I can still get no better than 1440×900 resolution on the 15” Macbook Pro even though they have the snazzy new video card. I’m also a little ambivalent about the zero-button trackpad. It seems like a recipe for inadvertent clicks, but I have no hand-on experience to support that. Right now, it’s just a potential concern.

I’ve actually been holding off on the purchase of a new MBP because I wanted to see what the new line had to offer, but I think I may wait a little longer. I haven’t seen anything that makes me want to rush out and buy.

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