Utility Gem: Microsoft Time Zone

Microsoft Time Zone I work closely with a team in Bangalore, India and I occasionally have to interact with our offices in other parts of the world. As a result, I find it really handy to know what time it is in those areas of the world. Linux, I’ve recently discovered, offers this functionality directly through its clock panel item. For Mac, it’s available as an extra bundled with iStat Menus that is applied to the clock display on the menu bar. Windows offers, by far, the most anemic time display with only the time visible and the date displayed only when the time hovered over.

I would like this utility better if it were created as a plugin to enhance the time display. I’d like it even better if it also included a minimalistic calendar. It does neither of those, but Microsoft’s Time Zone utility does exactly what its name implies and does it in a way that’s not unattractive. It’s worth a look for Windows users who need to know what time it is in other areas of the world.

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