Mozilla Weave is Very, Very Beta

With some degree of frequency, I use any number of computers and at least one of each platform. Mac, Windows and the occasional Linux at home, Windows and Linux at work. For the longest time, I’ve been looking for a reliable way of syncing up my Firefox installs across all of those machines that didn’t involve FTP‘ing my profile directory all over the Internet or doing anything similarly ham-fisted. When I first heard about Mozilla’s Weave project a few months ago, I jumped all over it. Even if the beta would only sync my bookmarks, that would get me about 80% of what I really wanted; the other 20% being fully sync’d extensions.

I’m no stranger to beta software; I understand that it’s not perfect and I wouldn’t expect it to be. Nonetheless, the fatal flaw with Weave as it exists right now is that bookmarks – the only thing I want sync’d other than extensions, which aren’t available in any form yet – aren’t actually sync’d. Bookmarks can be added, but not organized or deleted.

I love what Weave is after and am looking forward to that vision being realized, but it needs to be a bit more mature before it’s truly useful to me. After a few months of trying, I’m going to have to break it off with Weave, at least until it grows up a little more.

I think I’m going to try letting Dropbox do the work for me.

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