Evaluating Internet Explorer 8

I spent last Thursday at Web 2.0 Expo in New York and, though I was disappointed in the show as a whole, I did go to one interesting session. I went to see Pete LePage, an Internet Explorer product manager, speak about Internet Explorer 8. Though I’ve long since given up on IE as my primary browser (even before moving away from Windows as anything more than an occasional-use operating system), it’s still an animal that I have to deal with as part of my daily life and I was looking forward to hearing about what to expect in the next version.

The presentation didn’t disappoint. Pete did a nice job of presenting a lot of features in very limited time and I found myself surprised, pleased and impressed at the effort the team has made to catch up in some areas and to innovate in others. I have to admit that I liked what I saw and, being a trained professional, I was looking forward to trying it at home. Today I finally got around to doing so and I wanted to write about my impressions.

I have none. In spite of all of the good things that IE 8 seems to offer, it still doesn’t offer the ability to install alongside IE 7. Full stop.

That’s it. That’s the only impression I have. I still need to access IE 7 on a regular basis for testing and I don’t have (or want) 12 separate licenses for Windows XP on which to test each browser version. IE 8 has to go. If it’s worth mentioning, maybe I’ll provide my impressions of the uninstall process. But I doubt it.

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