Thinking in Subversion

I just spent more time than I should have needed to spend learning that svn revert is so not the same thing as git revert.

I had modified a page in my working copy while trying to track down and understand the nature of an error. Once I figured out what I needed, I wanted to get my working copy of that file back to where I started. Having been a Subversion user for so long, I immediately tried to revert those changes. Wrong. Then I tried git reset only to find that while it works on entire repositories, it doesn’t work on individual file paths. At a loss, I turned to Twitter and, once again, Twitter delivered.

Thanks to Ben Kutil and Brad Greenlee, I learned that git checkout is what I needed. That never even occurred to me and, honestly, I doubt I would have tried it even if it had occurred to me. I’d have assumed it would throw an error. In the git paradigm, of course, it makes perfect sense that no error is thrown, but I’m still ascending that learning curve. I’m still thinking in Subversion.

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