A Quick & Dirty Theme Update

Having grown tired of the wrapping post titles that resulted from the ridiculously constraining, three column layout that I was using, I made a quick and dirty change to my Chyrp theme to allow for more space. The modified layout also allowed me to increase the font size which I hope will assist with readability. This end product (some might argue by-product) of this modification has its own issues and violates more than a few of my own aesthetic preferences, but it addresses the most egregious need and I’ll get to the rest when I update my entire product code base to the latest version.

I tell you this because I care. And for absolutely no other reason.

Update 9/6/2008: I decided to pin this post so that everyone knows why the site looks just a little bit like ass. I’m tired of responding to individual inquiries. A better looking/working version is in the works. Really.

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  1. Chad KIeffer said...

    One small problem and a suggestion.

    Problem: I’m viewing this post and seeing that your post, title, meta, and body, are clearing your sidebar in Firefox 2/Mac. Basically you have white space as tall as the content in your sidebar above your post.

    Suggestion: Float your meta block to the right rather than the left.

    My two cents, cuz I care that you care :)

  2. Rob Wilkerson said...

    Uh huh. That’s one of the issues I referenced. I decided that, though I care, I don’t care enough to deal with the minor points. Those’ll have to wait for the overhaul. Thanks for pointing out specific deficiencies, though. I appreciate that. Really, I do. :-)