OS X Wireless Network Auto-Detection

At home I’m completely wireless. My OCD gets tweaked by cords, so I’m Bluetooth and 802.11g all the way. My minimalistic skills are so advanced that I sometimes lament the need for a power cord. If I didn’t need power, my desk would be positively pristine.

For the last several months, I’ve noticed that my wireless network is no longer auto-detected when I boot up or whatnot. I can’t be sure exactly when it happened beyond knowing that it’s been a problem “for a while now” so I have no way of knowing what triggered it. The end result is that all of my apps start up (and try to connect) before I’m connected and errors are thrown. Oh, and that I have to sit and wait while all of the wireless networks in range are sought out and detected.

Although it’s annoying, it hasn’t been so annoying that I’ve been willing to invest a lot of (read: any) time in tracking down a solution. And, since I had no idea of the precipitating event, I honestly had no idea where to start.

Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.

This weekend I did one of my periodic system audits to clear out applications that I installed, but haven’t used enough to keep them. In the process, I noticed that I had accidentally moved my System Preferences application. I know it was accidental because I have moved it to /Applications/Uninstallers, a directory I created to store – can you guess? – uninstallers for the various applications that have them.

Recognizing that it shouldn’t be there, I moved it back out to /Applications and – gasp! – my wireless networks are auto-connecting again. Magic. Moral of the story: Do not move the System Preferences application. Ever. Or anywhere.

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