Firefox 3 Bookmarks in Launchy

Since upgrading to Firefox 3 oh these many months ago, my Launchy install has been woefully out of step. It’s been an annoyance, but I’m not on my Windows box all that much so it wasn’t exactly at the top of my hit parade. I finally had a free minute today, so I spent that minute understanding the problem and finding out how to fix it (and then another one writing this).

The problem, of course, is that Mozilla moved its bookmark “repository” to SQLite and the data is stored in a file named places.sqlite rather than the bookmarks.html file that has held this data since approximately the dawn of time. Fortunately, a simple change to about:config is all that’s needed to bring Launchy back up to speed.

To give Launchy access to your Firefox 3 bookmarks:

  1. Type about:config in your address bar.
  2. Type exporthtml in the filter textbox.
  3. Double-click the browser.bookmarks.autoExportHTML line item in the result set. This should be the only item that appears and double-clicking it should change the value from false to true.
  4. Restart Firefox.
  5. Access Launchy > Options > Catalog > Rescan Catalog to rebuild Launchy’s index.

Update 7/30/2008: Tweaking this configuration setting also sets Quicksilver back on the right track. I had to monkey around a bit with the Firefox module in the Quicksilver catalog to get it to index properly, but I managed to get it under control after a bit of wall-to-wall counseling.

Update 9/5/2008: On my Linux box, I use Gnome Do (a.k.a Do) for the same purpose that I use Launchy and Quicksilver and this trick works nicely for it as well. I should note that I don’t know whether it’s necessary for Do – I updated the config setting before trying it without – but Do works perfectly with this setting in place.

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