The Favre Thing

Am I the only one who thinks that the Packers are doing the right thing with this? I’m a sports junkie and listen to all of the chatter, but I haven’t heard many editorials that come out strongly in favor of the Packers. I’m not a member of Packer Nation, but I have all the respect in the world for Brett Favre, what he’s done in his life, his career, what he’s done for the Packers and for football. That said, this is starting to feel like that (girl|boy)friend that everyone’s had who can’t stand to be with you, but doesn’t want to be away from you.

The Packers gave Favre a lot of room to breathe after each of the last two seasons. He strung them along more than he should have, but they allowed him to take his time to decide whether he wanted to come back or not. This year he showed a little mercy and made the decision quickly. Based on that decision, commitments were made (mostly to Aaron Rodgers, of course). Now he wants to come back? He’s knowingly putting the Packers in an untenable situation:

  1. They have to accept him back (assuming he makes it all official-like) since he has several years left on his contract.
  2. They’re understandably loathe to trade him. After all, the man is a Packer institution and who wants to be the guy that let him go?
  3. It would be utterly irresponsible to release him outright.
  4. There are pros and cons to both playing him (probably losing their “quarterback of the future”) and to benching him (the fact is, he’s still their best quarterback if he returns).

What are they supposed to do? I think the team has handled this pretty damn well considering the heartburn they must be feeling.

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