Chyrp Upgrade

Or, On the Lack of Changes Made to This Site.

It’s been a long time since I’ve made any changes to this site. The reasons for that are many and most of them are personal: lethargy, (lack of) motivation, interest, etc. One reason, arguably the most compelling reason, though, was that Chryp – my platform of choice – was undergoing a major overhaul to its architecture. I liked what I was hearing about what the new version would offer, so I decided to hold out on investing any significant time on my existing site.

Chyrp 2.0 has been out in beta for a few weeks and today I took the plunge; I upgraded my dev site and I think I’m going to be glad I waited. Everything of any substance in the platform seems to have changed and neither my modules nor my custom theme will work as-is – a decision I applaud, by the way. I’m all for breaking backwards compatibility in the interest of bettering the software.

The upgrade from 1.1.3.x went fairly smoothly and the process is documented reasonably well in Chyrp’s README.markdown file (located in the Chryp root directory) and in the user interface of its upgrade.php file, but I did hit a few minor snags where I think that slightly clearer documentation may help.

In case anyone else runs into similar issues, here are my notes that don’t appear (at least not explicitly) in the existing process documentation:

  1. Ensure that the contents of your Chryp install root are writable by the web server. This probably won’t be a problem if you’re overwriting an existing directory, but I created a new directory structure copied from the old. The permissions didn’t copy correctly and my upgrade was corrupted such that I had to start over.
  2. Disable all existing modules and feathers in your config file. If you disable them via the admin, you may lose your data (most modules tend to uninstall rather than truly disable). To disable them in your config file, just find the enabled_modules and enabled_feathers entries and remove all of the indented entries beneath them.
  3. If you don’t already have a /upload directory, create one. Otherwise you’ll get an error message after the upgrade that might be confusing. It’s a harmless “error”, but I didn’t realize that and spent some time trying to figure it out.
  4. Ensure that PHP notices are turned off using the error_reporting directive. My setting reads error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE. If notices are displayed you’ll see some related to lib/spyc.php. Again, harmless, but you probably don’t want to see that output.

All in all, I’m liking what I see. I won’t push the upgrade to production until Chyrp is out of beta and a few more modules have been included (I’ve come to really like the “Related” module), but there is activity afoot. I even have a few module ideas of my own.

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