Going to Portland

I feel like the title should have been more lyrical than that, but I’m running on a ridiculous sleep deficiency so I’ll settle for offering only excuses. Nonetheless, I am – as the title may suggest to those of you with minds astute enough to crack my code – going to Portland. I’ll be in town for a week attending the OSCON 2008 conference.

If anyone (read: either of you) is in the area and interested in meeting up for a beer or your preferred social beverage, feel free to leave a comment, send me a direct message on Twitter or contact me via email at r o b (at) r o b w i l k e r s o n (dot) o r g (take that, spammer wannabes). I’ll be flying solo all week.

Since this will be my Portland deflowering, I’m also taking suggestions on what to see, where to go and any other touristy advice. Please donate. I don’t want to spend the week sitting by myself in my hotel room.

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