Digging Dopplr

For most of my professional life, I’ve worked for smaller companies and had little need or opportunity to travel professionally. These days, though, my organization and even my immediate team is international. I also have the opportunity to travel for conferences. It’s been a nice change and, with that change, a service like Dopplr has become more applicable to my life.

The service went public recently (from its private beta) so I joined. Although I’d hardly consider myself a road warrior or even a “frequent business traveler”, I do have a few trips coming up and a few more that I hope to make in the near future. I love traveling to new places, but I usually find myself wishing that I had a “guide”. I like having personal references for places to eat, places to stay, things to do, etc. If I know someone in the city, then it’s easy, but too often I don’t. I ask concierges and cab drivers, but it’s nice to hear from other travelers and frequenters of the city as well.

Doppler’s service offers that through tips. The user base appears small so far, but if it grows and if folks contribute, then it could be an exceptionally useful resource for folks like me that like a little insight into a new place.

If you find yourself joining, check out my tips for New Orleans, Toledo and (of course) Baltimore. I’m going to Charleston, SC soon as well as San Francisco, so I encourage you to enter tips for those cities if you have anything to offer. I was born in Charleston, but haven’t been back since leaving when I was 12 months old and I’ve never been to San Francisco.

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