Tip: Commenting and Uncommenting

Ever wonder why you weren’t the guy (or girl) who invented that thing that’s so simple, stupid and useful that everyone needs one, everyone owns four and the guy (or girl) that actually invented it is a gajillionaire who owns his (or her) own island and has his (or her) own personal armada? You know, something like the beer coozie? Yeah, me too. Anyway, every once in a while, I run across a technical tip that makes me feel that same way. Be with me on this, people; you know where I’m coming from. That tip that’s almost frighteningly obvious and so clearly evident that there’s absolutely no reason in this world that you shouldn’t have thought of it long ago. And, moreover, if you had, you might have added days, weeks or even months to your productive lifespan.

Today, the Ajaxian is offering just such a tip. As stated in the entry, it’s a tip “that make[s] you slap your forehead and say “why didn’t I do that before?”“. Translated from a German post by Dirk Ginader, it’s worth checking out. Wear headgear, though. At the very least, put down that brick your holding before you read it.

1/4/2009: I’ve closed the comments for this post because they seem to be some kind of spammer magnet. Sure, they’ll just move to another post, but I’ve always loved a good game of Whac-a-Mole.

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