Musical Renaissance: Heart

I just took a break from, you know, developing stuff and happened to flip on the tv where one of my TiVos was happily exercising her knowledge of my preferences. It was taping a re-air of the 2007 Rock Honors show. Sounded good, so I sat. And I watched. And I got that renaissance feeling.

I’ve mentioned the Wilson sisters before, but I’m about to make them my first twice mentioned artists in this particular series. What can I say? I can’t control when those renaissance chills hit and the Musical Renaissance bylaws do not explicitly deny me the right to do so. So here I go…

Them chicks can bring it. Today, I caught Gretchen Wilson doing Barracuda with Alice in Chains and Nancy Wilson behind her and…wow. Then the sisters themselves took the stage and just smoked. Their mid- to late-80’s stuff is largely forgettable, but their material from the ’70’s is killer. Hearing several songs sequentially definitely hammers that point home.

After listening to the good stuff, I find it hard to believe that the work they produced in the ’80s was entirely their doing; they don’t strike me as the glam types. Their ’70s stuff hints that they’re much more about the music than their ’80s stuff would indicate. I hope that’s true.

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