Now Chyrping

Now that I’m a veteran blogger, having been dropping my questionable wisdom on the Internet for nearly an entire year (yeah, that’s sarcasm, folks), I’ve decided to expand – or maybe just brand – my presence a bit. I finally got around to buying a domain for personal use and now, like any new toy, I want to play with it. Mostly, though, it’s probably a control issue. I can be that way sometimes.

So this is my new home. For the last year I’ve been a happy customer of InstantSpot’s “social blogging” service and it’s been great. I like the service – especially since the 2.0 upgrade – and the guys that run it have been great to me (thanks Aaron & Dave). I just don’t have enough control. Surprisingly, they resisted my whispered requests for admin access to their source control repository. What’s that all about?

The new site – with blog baked right in – is powered by Chyrp. Lightweight, hopefully fast as hell, extensible, and easy. I like simple. My needs are pretty simple, my engine should be pretty simple. So far, this seems like a pretty nice alternative to the usual suspects.

Make no mistake about it, this is a new presence. There are bound to be growing pains and the design needs a little love from someone more capable than I, but I’m optimistic that there won’t be anything that tests the bounds of normalcy for a new endeavor. I’m also hoping that you folks will help me out. Please let me know if you have any trouble with the site, any suggestions for the site or generally see something that looks amiss.

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  1. Aaron Lynch said...

    Nice new blog you got here Rob!

    (Why have you forsaken us!!!???) ;)

  2. Rob said...

    I haven’t forsaken you, I’ve embraced me. :-) Call it a pre-mid-life crisis, if you will.